How can CCTV Chimney Inspection help ?

Flue Check can diagnose your chimney and flue problems quickly and efficiently with CCTV Chimney Inspection using camera equipment.
In order to locate problems, a CCTV camera is passed up and down the flue or chimney.

Why carry out CCTV Chimney inspection?

  • Identify the flues dimensions and confirm suitability and integrity
  • Establish the cause of any smoke leakage
  • View blocked flues or restricted flues caused by birds nests, fallen debris, restricted bends or other objects obstructing the flue
  • Check for damage which may have occurred following chimney fires, subsidence, or wear and tear over time

Some reasons why you may require a CCTV inspection

  • Our highly advanced CCTV equipment diagnoses the problem quickly and effectively without any disruption to you or your building.
  • Annual service checks on the flues condition and function
  • Landlords before renting out properties
  • Builders and loft conversion companies before carrying out works on the property and of neighbouring properties
  • Party Wall surveyors
  • Buyers and Sellers of property (detailed Home Inspection Packs)
  • Checking poorly-functioning chimneys following major renovation by the property owner or neighbour
  • Checks before bringing an old flue back into use

What you get

  • A better understanding and appreciation of the flue or chimney problem
  • An estimation of remedial works
  • A report for use in insurance claims or personal use
  • A copy of the camera survey is also provided via email
  • On site advice